Selected Archive Work

Film: Merata: How Mum Decolonised the Screen (2018) Dir.Heperi Mita

Yari Or. Documentary: Verdict // Perfect Shot Films GmbH // Prod. Michael Bogár, Daniel Sivan, Dir. *Julia Eksner. (2016)

Acme Films, UK – Notting Hill Carnival – 2014

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) Associate Producer

Interview with Archive Valley

Cinema Production

2009 – Associate Producer: Exit Through The Gift Shop

Paranoid Pictures Director: Banksy / Producer: Jaimie D’Cruz

Academy Award ‘Oscar’ nominated, multi award winning debut feature Documentary Film by the artist Banksy.

Television Production

2011  – Producer – The Antics Roadshow – Acme Films Directors: Jaimie D’Cruz & Banksy

Part of the Summer Hijack on Channel 4. (1 x 60″) Film on the beauty of anarchy and self- expression.

2010 – Producer/ Director: Planning Outlaws – Channel4/Keo Film (1 x 30” Grierson award nominated documentary for ‘Channel 4 First Cut season’ about how people use and abuse the local planning system.)

2009 – Producer: The Hospital; Diabetes – North One Television (1 x 60’ Documentary as part of a landmark series of five films about the changing health landscape of modern Britain.)

2008 – Story Producer – Kerry Katona: Crazy In Love – MTV/ North One TV (13 x 30” Fly on the wall/ Observational/Reality series about Kerry Katona and her public and private life behind the headlines.)

2007 – Gallery Producer – Britain’s Deadly Addictions – Channel 4 Education/ Firefly Productions (4 x 60” Mixed live format, Education program following 3 people as they undergo treatment to help battle addiction.)

2006 – Assistant Producer – Burlesque Me Beautiful – BBC 3/ZKK (1 x 60´ Observational documentary, with some format elements about a group of women learning to be body positive through dance.)

2006 – Assistant Producer – The River Cottage Treatment – Channel 4/ Keo Films (3 x 60″ presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Mixed format documentary series taking an innovative approach to changing people’s eating habits and convincing them to go organic.)

2006 – Assistant Producer –  How To Improve Your Memory – BBC One/ BBC Science

1 x 90’’ Presented by Professor Robert Winston. A scientific exploration on how our memories work, using a mixture of live studio and observational documentary case studies following the progress of people trying to improve their memories.

2005 – Assistant Producer –  Going Cold Turkey – Channel 4/ Firefly Productions

10 x 30” presenter led mixed documentary and live format series for ‘Addiction Week’. Presented by Dr John Marsden and Krishnan Guru-Murty

2005 – Assistant Producer – 16 For A Day – Channel 4/ Raw Television

1 x90” Observational documentary on Teenage Britain, seen through the eyes of 8 teenagers all turning 16 on the same day.

2005 – Researcher – Who Gets The Heart – Channel 4/ Hart Davies Productions

2 x 50” Sensitive story led observational documentary about people waiting for a heart transplant.

2004 – Researcher – Vic Reeves Rogues Gallery – Discovery/ Oxford Film and TV

10 x 30” Presenter led history drama documentary series for Discovery, on 18th century rogues.

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