Joy (Is dance)

This is a sound and Image piece which meditates on the anti-gravitational capacities of ‘Refusal’ and considers movement a language and a practice that is metamorphic. It is made with footage from the Berlin BLM demo 2020 and sounds from the demo and across the African diaspora. It continues my work in this arena bringing together my visual and sonic art with my writing and considers Arthur Jafa’s ‘Black Visual Intonation’ as a arrhythmic sonic and visual expression of Black life.

BLack Reminist Remix Lab

Workshop: Breath & Ambivalence

With: Melody Makeda Ledwon

In this workshop we explored how breath is a resource and a Black feminist practice which is at once archival as it is restorative. Via different mediums and methods we discussed how to make the long breath, in not just our activism but our lives. This workshop was on the invitation of Francesca Sobande & Akwugo Emejulu.

Playlist from the workshop

Resource Folder

3rd Annual Black Feminism, Womanism and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe

Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

With: Akwugo Emejulu, Dominique Haensell, Melody Howse, Iris Rajanayagam and Mai Zeidani Yufanyi.

Support & Partners  Graduate School of North American Studies, the University of Warwick and the Center for Intersectional Justice.

The theme of the symposium wa making visible the long history of Black feminist/ Afrofeminist/ Womanist activism in Europe

Link to symposium site

Generative Research

2016 – Concept Researcher –

Explorative research into concepts that define and shape our spatial relationships using research methods from the field of visual anthropology in relation to digital cartography

and service development for the ‘Internet of Things.