Calling Worlds Into Being

Written for the Boas blog ‘ Undoing Race and Racism’ series – ‘Calling Worlds into Being’ explores the role of sound in the Black diaspora. Focusing on sonic expansion and liberation during the Black Lives Matter demo’s in Berlin between 2018 – 2021. It illustrates how ‘sound’ and the BLM movement are not separate but deeply intertwined and can be transformational.

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Real World Repercussions of Motivation and Interactions in a Virtual Space Explored in Relation to the Body and Self

in Journal of Researching Mobile Media Technology

This article is based on research among users of “Daily Mile”, an online fitness community whose members use wearables for tracking of their movements, especially during running and cycling. The visual part of the project is a short film that provides a poetic ethnography of the new cultural practices of forming around such wearable technology.

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Mile – (Machinima and visual interpretation of an online experience of motivation.)