Methodologies of care: Undisciplining and methodologies of care: Rethinking the politics of knowledge in postcolonial landscapes – A Workshop organized by Katharina Schramm (Bayreuth), Memory Biwa (Windhoek) and Eleanor Schaumann (Bayreuth) at the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence, University of Bayreuth, July 8-11, 2021
Paper: Remembering Violence: Reading Refusal as a methodology of care.

3rd Political Imagination Laboratory – “What [Not] can be Said: Fieldwork as Witnessing? 6 – 7 December 2019. UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI PERUGIA DIPARTIMENTO DI FILOSOFIA, SCIENZE SOCIALI, UMANE E DELLA FORMAZIONE,
Paper: Crossing over – From witness to activist

Anticolonial Month Berlin
Panel: Fighting to Survive: Black and Indigenous Liberation Struggles Against State Violence
Featuring: Melody H., Gabriel Silva & Edna Bonhomme.

Voicing Experience’ the 4th British Conference of Auto ethnography, Sussex University – June 2017
Paper: Up All Night

German Anthropological Association
Paper: The Edge of a Feeling