When the silent song rises

The short film ‘Joy’ featuring Beverly D. Renekouzou and Exocé Kasongo will be part of the exhibition ‘When The Silent Song Rises’ at ArtCo Gallery, Berlin from the 27th April – 10 June 2023.

WHEN THE SILENT SONG RISES is a group exhibition presenting works by Beverly D. Renekouzou, Exocé Kasongo, Melody Howse, Thomias Radin, Selassie and Elihu Ashong presented at ARTCO Gallery Berlin.

Building up on their shared history in music and dance, the collaborating artists release their energy in both individual artworks and a collaborative performance that push the limits of human awakening. An interdisciplinary demonstration of ‚contemporary ancestry‘ and an opportunity to witness the unfolding of a transformative experience.

The show builds up a on a curatorial concept by Beverly Renekouzou and her recent work series ‚Honorer le sacrifice‘.