Talk: Black Ways of knowing and being

8th November 2022

Univesität Luzern, Invitation by Faduma Abukar Mursal

What could we know differently if we understood sweat as vocabulary, sound as empowerment and voice as archive? These are the questions I consider in this work which focuses on Black embodied experience in Berlin which I explore through a Black feminist lens. I take this approach to make visible the ways in which the sensory and embodied dimensions of experience can be read as more than sensation. Here I argue that they are an embodied grammar which if we learn to read can tell us something of ourselves as well as something of the society and the moment in which we live.

‘Black ways of knowing and being’ are essential to my understanding of racialized experience therefore I weave quotidian experiences of racism and racial othering with practices of joy, healing and space making or what Katherine Mckittrick has called “Black livingness” (2020).

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