Guest Lecture: Prof. Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick, Seminar: Feminist Pedagogy: Black Feminist Activism (March 2022)

Guest lecture: Dr. Nasima Selim, FU Berlin BA Anthropology, Seminar: Race, and Racism Globally (June 2021)

Guest lecture: Anne Chahine, Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland (2020) Seminar:Sensory Ethnography

Welcoming Melody Howse in Nuuk

3rd Annual Black Feminism, Womanism and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe

Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

With: Akwugo Emejulu, Dominique Haensell, Melody Howse, Iris Rajanayagam and Mai Zeidani Yufanyi.

Support & Partners  Graduate School of North American Studies, the University of Warwick and the Center for Intersectional Justice.

The theme of the symposium wa making visible the long history of Black feminist/ Afrofeminist/ Womanist activism in Europe

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Real World Repercussions of Motivation and Interactions in a Virtual Space Explored in Relation to the Body and Self

in Journal of Researching Mobile Media Technology

This article is based on research among users of “Daily Mile”, an online fitness community whose members use wearables for tracking of their movements, especially during running and cycling. The visual part of the project is a short film that provides a poetic ethnography of the new cultural practices of forming around such wearable technology.

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Mile – (Machinima and visual interpretation of an online experience of motivation.)

Generative Research

2016 – Concept Researcher –

Explorative research into concepts that define and shape our spatial relationships using research methods from the field of visual anthropology in relation to digital cartography

and service development for the ‘Internet of Things.